Our wedding party

Maid of Honor

Alexandra Slack | Duluth, Georgia

Ali, Kay’s maid of honor, is a southern belle from Georgia. With Ali’s contagious smile, bubbly demeanor, and endearing use of the word y’all, Kay knew they had to be friends. Ali simply liked that Kay’s name started with the same sound as the word “cat”. In addition to Harvard Swimming teammates and roommates in Winthrop House, Ali and Kay were also sisters in Kappa Alpha Theta, which Ali loved because the sorority’s initials spelled KAT. Ali currently lives in Atlanta and, after 2 years as a stellar teacher for Teach for America, is now pursuing consulting at Accenture. Even though Ali and Kay no longer live in the same city, their six-year long friendship continues to grow as they share a love for fun earrings, Theta tailgates, and, most importantly, champy champ.

Man of Honor


Joseph Christiana | Baton Rouge, Lousiana

When Kay saw Joc for the first time, she knew they were going to be best friends (Look at him! He’s gorgeous). While initially Kay might have had different intentions, after bonding over late night C-21 orders from the Kong and getting to know Joc much better, Kay began to understand that Britney Spears might be the only female love interest in Joc’s life. Nonetheless, Kay and Joc have become inseparable.  Whether they are taking mini vacations to Maine or recreating sweaty swim-team dance parties at the Harvard Club, they are always side by side, forever celebrating their lifelong friendship. For these reasons, among many others, Kay is honored to have Joc as her man of honor. Joc currently lives in Hartford, CT, and works as a Senior Equity Analyst at a boutique firm.



Katherine Hinkle | Arlington, Virginia

As teammates, Kay and Katy could not be more opposite. While Kay tackled long distance stroke events like the 400 IM, Katy powered through freestyle sprints. But outside of the pool they were like two peas in a pod, reciting their favorite episodes of Friends while wearing their comfiest fuzzy socks. Their friendship has withstood its hardships, like the season finale of Gossip Girl and the mere presence of Katy’s floppy red winter hat. But now that Katy has moved back to Boston, working as an Associate Catastrope Analyst at Liberty Mutual, their friendship continues to grow. They spend their time together testing out Boston's best in yoga studios, nail salons and restaurants!

Jennifer Mannion | Peabody, Massachusetts

Even though Jenni is Kay’s youngest bridesmaid, she is arguably the coolest. Jenni is a junior at Boston College, lives in an amazing house with a great group of friends, and is very involved in Eagles events #socollege. Needless to say, Jenni is helping Kay and her friends relive their college days and even teaching them how real football schools tailgate. Jenni is currently the Assistant Director of the Boston College Dance Organization and rumor has it she flaunts a better signature dance move than the arms-in-the-air-bending-at-the-elbow routine we’ve all seen Kay perform. Kay is very excited to have Jenni as a future sister-in-law and looks forward to reinforcing the bond they have already formed.

Sophie Morgan | Melbourne, Australia

Sophie met Kay almost seven years ago. The four years that Kay and Sophie shared as roommates, teammates and classmates at Harvard University were anything but dull. They spent their free time building bed lofts, making prank calls and defying the laws of Halloween by successfully pulling off the most realistic Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes in history. Since college they have continued to take Boston by storm, socializing around town and sharing in newly found hobbies. Kay’s love for running is finally starting to rub off on Sophie; now if only Kay would start organizing her pens and markers by color… Sophie is currently in her final year at Boston College Law School.

Jennifer Reese | Palo Alto, California

As if you couldn’t tell by her blonde hair and sunny smile, Jenny is from California. During the three years Kay and Jenny shared as roommates and teammates, Jenny introduced Kay to See’s Candies, rappers like E-40, and their favorite hangout, Booty. As a diver, she even taught Kay how to do an almost flawless 1 ½! Kay returned the favor by familiarizing Jenny with lobster rolls, Marky Mark and the Green Monstah. Although Kay and Jenny were able to put the East Coast v. West Coast battle to rest, they never answered the age-old question—swimming or diving? Jenny currently lives in San Francisco and works at pMD as an Operations Coordinator.

Caroline Weaver | South Burlington, Vermont

Caroline was a freshman when Kay was a senior, but their age difference did not prevent them from becoming great friends. They instantly bonded over their love for all things New England. Kay taught Caroline everything she knew about becoming a world-class Harvard Club bartender, and Caroline taught Kay how to build a bookcase in less than five minutes. After hanging up their caps and goggles as Harvard Swimming teammates, Caroline and Kay formed the “Backstroke-Lane-Turned-Distance-Runners Club”. It’s very exclusive. Caroline now lives in Cambridge and works for the Admissions Office at Harvard—which might be the one thing she loves more than Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (yay Vermont!).

Best Man


Zac Ranta | Hales Corners, Wisconsin

Zac and Jamie were both teammates and roommates at Harvard University, where they almost instantly became great friends. Even though Zac is currently at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, the distance has had little impact on their friendship. During their days a Harvard, the spent many nights in Currier drinking out of Carlo Rossi jugs while playing Mario Cart or taking exciting trips in Jamie’s awesome mini-van. Jamie is honored to be able to share his special day with Zac as his best man.



Michael Dunn | Trumbull, Connecticut

Mike and Jamie were classmates and teammates on the Harvard Swim Team. After graduation, they remained friends and traveled together to London during the 2012 Olympics. There, Mike slept on a rolling “bed” at the foot of Jamie’s bed; from that point on they have shared a special bond. Mike frequently visited Kay and Jamie in their Winthrop home and, when he was lucky, got to help shovel their driveway during a wicked Boston blizzard. Mike is currently a student at Gonzaga University, getting his Masters Degree in School Counseling.


Brian Foley | West Boylston, Massachusetts

Brian is Kay’s cousin, but if you ask anyone you’ll find that he is more like her brother. When Brian was at Assumption College in Kay’s hometown he introduced Kay to the glory of college parties; Kay returned the favor by showing Brian the intricacies of popped collars and NSYNC sing-a-longs at swim team “golf”. They are constantly supporting and encouraging one another and together have overcome many of life’s obstacles—literally, they completed the Ruckus Obstacle Course together! Brian is currently living in New Jersey, working as the Associate Director of Student Services at Seton Hall University.


Samantha Gannon | Lynnfield, Massachusetts

Sammy and Jamie started swimming together when they were very young and have always been very close ever since. Sammy drove Jamie to swim practice and they shared many experiences on the way back and forth to Beverly and Cape Ann. After graduating from the University of Connecticut, Sammy began working as a writer and editor for sports news which took her to Louisiana and then on become a Sports Reporter at KOKH in Oklahoma City. Though she hasn’t lived in Boston for many years, Sammy has always been an important part of Jamie’s life.


Thomas Gray | Houston, Texas

Not only were Tommy and Jamie both on the Harvard Swim team, but they were also members of the D-Lane. Day in and day out, Jamie and Tommy spent hours riding the “pain train”, forming a bond that only dedicated, passionate, and slightly crazy distance swimmers could understand. As brothers in Sigma Alpha Epsilon, fellow Quad residents, and their friends’ go-to social event organizers, they solidified their friendship and to this day remain close. Jamie was a groomsman in Tommy’s wedding last summer, and Jamie is thrilled and grateful to do the same for Tommy. Tommy now lives in Redwood City, California with his wife Margaux.


Stephen Leavitt | East Boston, Massachusetts

Jamie met Stephen while swimming for the Lynn and Revere YMCAs. Over the years they became great friends and once Stephen moved to the North Shore, Jamie was always over Stephen’s house playing poker and enjoying Nona’s Italian cooking. Together they have faced their ups—dancing on tables after swim team “golf”—and downs—falling off tables after swim team “golf”—leaving them with a few scars but many more great stories. Stephen is now a member of the United States Coast Guard stationed in Boston.


Kevin McGrath | South Hamilton, Massachuetts

Kevin and Jamie started swimming together before YNS was YNS. They grew up together both in and out of the pool – from Y Nats in Ft. Lauderdale to late nights playing poker. They both continued their swimming careers through college—Kevin at Lehigh University—and have even attempted to relive their glory days at the Mirabella Pool in Boston’s North End in the mornings during the summer. When Kevin is not at the BHP, he can be found touring the nation’s golf courses and preparing for his PGA debut. Kevin now works in Boston as a Corporate Treasury Finance Analyst at Fidelity Investments.


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